Finito – underlay packing for printing units

About the sustainable changes in the printing industry, how we deal with increasing demands and what that means to our products.

Efficiency, optimization and steady development. These are terms we encounter every day in our business.

The requirements change permanently, make-ready and downtimes have to be shortened more and more, productivity and flexibility has to be raised every time. This only works because of increased automated processes and printing house teams, who continuously optimize their workflows.

The underlay packaging material is an important part within this workflow. The optimized underlay packing Finito supports the whole process by increasing the lifetime of the blankets, stable print quality and vibration absorption with highspeed presses.

The core structure is a modified TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is highly resilient. This increases the lifetime of the blanket and the chemical resistancy.

All these properties have a lasting effect on the general print quality of the finished product. Available in various thickness and versions (self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive) and individually tailored to your printing press model.

  • Test our consulting service with a customer-specific analysis, recommendation and profitability calculation (ROI) - we will show you the profit by using Finito.
  • Furthermore, get a 10% discount on your first press setup.

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