We expand our production equipment -

 the best solution for digital cutting

How we face the changes, new requirements and remain a reliable supplier for the printing industry for generations

and how we prepare for a flexible future-oriented production

STREB AG recently invested in the expansion and further modernization of our production facility. In view of the constantly growing market requirements and future-oriented production and service orientation, STREB has decided for a fully digital super large format plotter (> 3,000mm width). With the new plotter, we are not only expanding our machine park, but also our manufacturing flexibility and segment coverage.

High precision machine. From the innovative drive to the cutting unit, all components are matched to one another. Production of orders at the highest quality level, economical and efficient, trimmed for maximum productivity. With this kind of performance and robust design, it can fulfill its potential in our industrial environment.

We are pleased that we achieved a further expansion stage in our sustainable modernization of our production capacities. By using the plotter we will further reduce waste and take another step towards an environmentally friendly converting. Together with you, we will use the newly acquired potential resulting from this and increase productivity.
- prepared for the future -

Supported by european fund for regional development.