About us

We are a fourth-generation family business and one of the world's leading suppliers of printing blankets, coating plates and special printing blankets. The finishing of printing blankets has been our core competence for decades. This also includes services such as punching and cutting, coating and laminating, as well as material compatibility tests: our customers rely on our know-how.







Present and future

We are proud to be a vocational training company. This goes hand in hand with our general attitude: we are always looking to the future. How is digitalization changing our industry and the world of work? What opportunities does Industry 4.0 offer - for example in the optimization of the entire value chain? We fill these questions with life by trying out new things, improving existing mechanisms and staying up to date for our customers.

Sustainability and environment


Environmental protection is an important issue, particularly in the printing industry. We proactively improve the sustainability of our production processes and thus create a standard that goes beyond the legal and official requirements. For example:

  • Incoming / outgoing goods control
  • Traceability by means of inkjet printing
  • Edge sealing with a transparent, low-pollutant protective lacquer
  • Environmental Management System
  • Food conformity through ISEGA-certified products
  • Green electricity (solar and renewable energy)
  • Climate neutral shipping with DHL gogreen
  • Recycling of packaging waste

We try to conserve natural resources both in our daily operations and when investing in new machinery. We achieve this by reducing consumption, optimizing production and selecting the most environmentally friendly products possible.




















Streb Story

Today – STREB AG is one of the world´s leading suppliers of printing blankets, coating plates, special printing blankets and related products. The shares of the company are still fully owned by the family.

2020 - Expansion of our production equipment - digital cutting.

2019 - Export expansion, STREB continues to strenghten the sales team.

2017 - Modernization of the calendering unit - self-adhesive blankets.

2016 - Product portfolio expansion: STREB-Performance Line.

2009 to 2011 – Complete modernization of the production halls and production facilities.

1973 – Second capacity expansion. 

1968 – Relocation from Neu-Isenburg to Dreieich-Buchschlag. 

1931 – Founding of the company by Georg Streb in Neu-Isenburg as a specialist graphics dealer. Under the managing director and co-owner Wolfgang Heller, the family-owned company specialized in printing cylinder covers with its own patents in letterpress printing and the sale of the first compressible offset printing blankets.