Unpack and store stacked or hanging

Printing blankets should be unpacked after delivery and then stored either lying flat in a stack or hanging from a rack. When stacking the blankets, make sure that cover plate rests on cover plate and carrier side on carrier side. There should not be more than 15 blankets in the stack.

Protect from direct sunlight and ozone

The blanket must not be exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light sources! Printing blankets should also not be stored near ozone sources such as electric motors, copy machines etc. Proximity to such sources may cause the blanket surface to become porous and cracked.

Temperature and air humidity

The storage temperature should be between 19°C and 24°C. The air humidity should not exceed 65%. Extreme fluctuations of temperature and humidity must be avoided!

First in – first out

Printing blankets should always be stored according to the »first in – first out« principle. The storage time should not exceed 12 months; longer storage may cause changes in the rubber surface.