Print quality

With a perfectly configured printing press and the »right« blanket, printers can influence not just the quality of their product, but also their productivity. With regard to printing blankets and coating plates, we are pleased to support our customers with a wide range of measuring and testing methods.

Checking mechanical parameters

We check the thickness and plane parallelism and the compressibility/load values of printing blankets. We also test the pullout strength of the clamping bars and perform adhesion tests on self-adhesive printing blankets and coating plates. Microscopic pictures of blankets and plates help us analyze their cross-section or surface.

Checking chemical parameters

To determine the resistance of blankets and plates to chemicals, we perform swelling tests with printing inks, dampening solutions and washing fluids.

Evaluating print sheets

Densitometric analyses and microscopic examinations of a print sheet allow us to objectively evaluate a blanket's performance in transferring the print image. We can also determine the degree of gloss of coated surfaces by means of a reflectometer.