Clamping bars

Clamping bar profiles

There are a vast number of clamping and adapter systems for printing blankets on the market. They include U-type bars and nip bars made of steel, aluminum bars, flat bars made of spring or stainless steel and aluminum adapter bars. You will find suitable bar profiles for most press types in the printing press index.

The most common bars


We pay special attention to an optimal fastening of the clamping bars to the printing blanket, an essential factor for safe use of the blankets. We have been using eco-friendly, heat-reactive adhesive systems for many years. They allow us to avoid solvents and cleaning agents altogether. An automatic unit for heat-activation of the adhesive layer monitors compliance with process parameters inline and saves up to 60% energy compared to conventional hot presses.

We subject our barred printing blankets to various stress tests with special test equipment. In doing so, we also document our compliance with the requirements of printing press manufacturers regarding the tensile strength of clamping bars.