Blanket structure

The »inside« of the blanket

A printing blanket consists of several layers of different materials. The main constituents are rubber, fabric and air. These are distributed as follows: 45% rubber compound, 45% fabric and approx. 10% air-gas mixture.

General function

The printing blanket transfers the ink from the printing plate to the substrate. The ink must be taken quickly off the plate and applied just as quickly onto the surface of the substrate. The ink should be transferred completely, without streaks or other textures appearing in the image. This is important in order to achieve optimal dot definition and minimum dot gain. In addition, the blanket must release the print sheet or paper web quickly. Web tension, paper transport and register accuracy are essential factors that may be influenced by the printing blanket.

State of the art

The structure and technology of blankets available today are standardized to a great extent. Continuous improvement of the rubber compounds and fabric carriers ensures that blankets meet the requirements of new printing press generations.