Printing blankets must meet very high requirements. On this page, you will find some general information on blankets, including common sources of faults and possible solutions.

Blanket structure

A printing blanket consists of a number of different materials. As a medium for transferring the print image in the press, it is a very sensitive part of the printing process.

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Clamping bars

There are a vast number of clamping and adapter systems for printing blankets on the market. We pay special attention to an optimal fastening of the clamping bars and to the strength of the resulting connection.

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Print quality

We are always pleased to help our customers increase their productivity and improve the quality of their products. Our main focus in this optimization process is the printing blanket and coating plate. We have a wide range of measuring and testing methods at our disposal that help us fine-tune your printing system.

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Our recommendations on how to best store your printing blankets.

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Questions on disposing of used or dirty printing blankets.

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