Packing is used to achieve a precise fit of printing blankets and coating plates on the cylinder. It may consist of various materials ranging from cardboard to special foils. Packing not only compensates for differences in thickness, but also influences print quality and the service life of the blankets and plates in the press.


A special calibration method produces very hard cardboard, ensuring high print quality and low dot gain. The cardboard is waterproofed to prevent the penetration of moisture that would lead to undesired swelling. An "anti-slip coating" keeps the cardboard from sliding on the cylinder.

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A good alternative to cardboard is high-quality pressboard, which is also used in the production of motors and transformers. This material is characterized by a very high packing density, dimensional stability and resistance to chemicals. Instead of a color code, the thickness of the packing sheets is printed on the sheets at narrow intervals (mm/inch). The cellulose is supplied exclusively by certified companies that have committed to the principle of sustainable production. With this commitment, they ensure that raw materials are replaced through reforestation.

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Standard foils are made of polyester and designed to be used on the plate or blanket cylinder. The dimensional stability of these foils, their resistance to printing chemicals and their long service life are important advantages compared to conventional cardboard packing. The foils are available in different versions, including self-adhesive.

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Finito® is a new type of packing foil consisting of a polyester carrier with a special TPU coating. The foil's properties have a positive effect on print quality and blanket life. Due to its high resistance to chemicals and mechanical resilience, Finito® is a cost-effective alternative to conventional packing materials. The thickness and size of Finito® foils are adapted to the individual press models.

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Packing blankets

While blankets used to be the standard packing material of the past, today they are rarely used underneath the printing blanket. Unlike cardboard or foil packing, these blankets produce a "softer" cylinder packing.

We offer the following blanket: DV black, thickness 1.00 mm, available up to 1480 mm width.