We care about the environment

We commit to using sustainable production methods that protect and maintain the environment. Our aim is to achieve and maintain a standard – within the scope of our possibilities – that goes beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are continuously improving our environmental performance in an effort to further minimize our company's impact on the ecosystem.

Using resources

Environmental protection also means using resources in a careful and responsible manner. We work continuously at reducing our consumption of resources and optimizing our manufacturing processes, insofar as this is possible without compromising our operating and working conditions. Whenever we purchase new equipment or replace outdated machinery, we will, within the scope of our possibilities, choose eco-friendly machines and equipment that reflects the state of the art.

In the summer of 2013, a 30 kW solar power system was installed on the roof of our office building.

ISEGA certification

Food packaging must meet very strict requirements, as any migration of contaminants or foreign matter from the packaging material to the packaged goods must be prevented. That is why we offer a special selection of printing blankets and coating plates for the food packaging industry that are guaranteed to be migration-free. These products are tested every two years by the ISEGA institute to ensure that they are not affected by a migration of harmful substances. These tests are based on methods used to examine plastics that are defined as commodities within the meaning of the Food and Commodities Act, including the 62nd communication of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on the examination of high polymers. The declarations of no objection for the tested products are available in the download area.