From small self-adhesive blankets for mug or can printing to maximum blanket widths of 2500 mm: we offer solutions for the entire application spectrum of offset printing blankets.

A team with long-standing experience in dealing with sensitive and high-quality products, close cooperation with our suppliers, and modern and versatile machinery – these are the factors that allow us to deliver consistently high manufacturing quality. Add to that speed and flexibility, and you can see why we are so good at what we do.

We have a variety of production equipment at our disposal. Large-surface die-cutters, cutting tables, coating calenders and a CAD/CAM-controlled plotter are available for use depending on the format and number of blankets.

Modern and clean production

To be able to offer our customers in the food and cosmetics industry products that meet high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, we have invested substantially in a redesign of the production area over the last few years. We performed a hazard analysis according to the HACCP system, eliminated weak spots and introduced monitoring procedures. Our guideline is the DIN EN 15593 standard, which describes hygiene management in the production of food packaging.

Every order is subjected to a quality check prior to delivery. Key data such as dimensional accuracy, thickness, load values etc. are checked and every printing blanket carries an inkjet print on its back that allows the blanket to be traced back all the way to the production batch of the blanket manufacturer.

Dimensional accuracy check

Every order of blankets is checked randomly for dimensional accuracy, thickness and surface faults. If no special tolerances were agreed on with the customer, we guarantee the following tolerances according to ISO 12636:

  • Nominal thickness 1.70 / 1.96 mm
  • The standard thickness tolerance is ± 0.03 mm.
  • Variations in thickness within the same blanket (evenness) may not exceed 0.04 mm between the measured minimum and maximum thickness.
  • Deviations from the nominal width and length: Nominal value ≤ 1 m, tolerance ± 1.5 mm. Nominal value > 1 m, tolerance ± 2 mm.
  • Parallelism of the edges, tolerance 2 mm.
  • Squareness of the edges (right angles), tolerance 1 mm over the entire edge length.